Yearbook Advisor: Mr. Mason 407-956-8324

Pre-Order a Yearbook

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Yearbooks are available for preorder. Click the banner image above or go to or
$75 from August 13 until October 15th
$80 from October 16th until January 6th
$85 from January 7th until May 4th (online sales shut down the first week of May)

Purchase a Senior Ad for Yearbook

LNHS Senior Ad

Senior Ads are all in color and YOU can design them using our Senior Ad Creator! You can upload your photos, personal message and pay for your Senior Ad all in one place. Just click on the banner image above and follow the instructions!
Senior Ad prices are:
$110 for a quarter page
$190 for a half page
$250 for a full page
*Senior ads are due Friday, November 30, 2018.