Lion Family,

Martha C ChangWelcome back to another commemorative school year at Lake Nona High School. Our school will be celebrating its tenth year. The new school year presents opportunities for exciting new beginnings – new faces, new programs, new courses, and new materials. Newness and excitement alone cannot produce success, unless it is welcomed. By all of us taking up the challenge to be here, we are taking the first steps in ensuring an educationally enriching experience for our students.

This year we will be bigger and better. In order for this to happen, we as teachers, parents, students, staff, and administrators must all have high expectations that meet the demands of our young people. Our expectations must be able look beyond what the plain eye can see. We must dream things that many might think are impossible. We must face deep challenges, look it into the eye and continue to strive, despite the obstacles.

Parents, I challenge you to do the following:

  • Monitor your child’s progress weekly in ProgressBook and monitor Canvas. If they need support, parents reach out to teachers and ask how you can help. Also, have students come out to tutoring.
  • Encourage your child to find an activity they enjoy and be part of the bigger community at Lake Nona High. Your child should join a club, try-out for sports, participate in our performing or visual arts programs. Once your child joins, then become involved yourself. 
  • As always, join PTSA. Your support is valuable to us. Click this link to join online:

It is truly an exciting time at Lake Nona High and the atmosphere is filled with electrifying expectations. We challenge each person to do a little more than usual and give more than ever before. We ask our Lake Nona Community to continue supporting our school's endeavors and celebrate in our achievements. Together, Lion Pride will shine above the rest.

Martha C. Chang

We are excited to announce our partnership with greenback where parents and members of the Lake Nona community can help support our school. Your donation goes to OUR school and its programs while you can save hundreds of dollars at your favorite retailers.