Student Assistance and Family Empowerment (SAFE)

Lake Nona High School Safe Coordinator: Tammy Whitfield [email protected]

Lake Nona High School-Based School Social Worker: Laura Kempfer [email protected]



The Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program, SAFE, offers direct help and resources for students and families. SAFE also offers students a confidential and safe place to go if students need someone to talk to or need help resolving their problems. The SAFE office, located in room 669, also helps students in crisis and implements programs at Lake Nona High School that help to promote non-violent, healthy and drug-free lifestyles. Additionally, we have The Cubs Cabinet which has supplemental food and hygiene supplies to assist students in need.

SAFE Program interventions are:

·         Preventative - Provide educational information to teachers, students and families, facilitate drug and alcohol prevention activities and presentations, work with at-risk students, etc.

·         Supportive - Facilitate support groups, work with students and families so that the student is able to remain in school, refer students to other agencies as necessary.

·         Responsive - Assist with peer mediation, suspected drug/alcohol use, abuse/neglect issues, crisis response, etc.


The SAFE Coordinator and School-based Social Worker meet with students, their families, school faculty/staff, and community service agencies. The interventions are generally brief and short-term as they are meant to support the student's academics. Additionally, the SAFE office can refer out for ongoing therapeutic interventions. 


Please reach out via email to us if you need assistance (see email addresses above). Thank you for all that you do, we are here to support you and your family!