Summer Information

Summer Student Services Information


Lake Nona High School will be open each day Monday through Thursday from 7am-3 pm from June 1st-June 7th. Beginning June 8th-July 28th we will be open from 7am-5pm. Student Services will be closed from July 3-7, 2023 when LNHS will be closed. We will be closed each Friday over the summer from June 9th-July 28th.


To ensure students have a schedule on the first day of school, all documentation needs to be in to our registrar by Friday, August 4th, 2023. The link to the enrollment section of the OCPS website is here:

Community Service

Community Service Hours no longer need pre-approval before beginning hours. Students are welcome to turn in hours to our office whenever they are ready. Forms and suggested service sites are here:

Counselor Availability

Counselors will have select days over the summer to complete various day to day tasks. We will have open office hours during this time to see all students from 9:00 am-1:00 pm daily.

FLVS Courses

Students will be able to request elective courses on FLVS at any time and counselors will approve the courses periodically. If the course is a full year course it needs to be completed by August 1, 2023, to avoid the course being on the student’s schedule in the fall.
Before requesting core classes, you will need to send an email explaining why you are requesting to take the class online instead of during the school year to Mrs. Rivera ([email protected]) who will forward the request to one of the counselors to review your academic history and decide if to approve or deny.

Please know that course level presentations and course selection is typically done through English classes. We highly recommend that courses with a state assessed end of course exam, such as Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, and US History, are taken face to face, as opposed to online.

Dual Enrollment

All students interested in taking Dual Enrollment classes in the fall must complete four items:

1. View the LNHS Dual Enrollment Policies and Procedures Presentation and complete the quiz in the Dual Enrollment Canvas course.

Complete the LNHS Dual Enrollment Contract in Canvas

Attend a meeting face to face with a counselor during open office hours over the summer bring them your Student Detail Schedule from Valencia.

Complete the Early Release/Late Arrival Form that you will get from a counselor. This form will be given out after you have met with a counselor to go over your DE and LNHS schedule.

On the Job Training Senior Early Release

Select Rising 11-12 students who have a job and work at least 5 hours per week are eligible to participate in our On the Job Training program.
Students must:
Have taken a Career and Technical Education class 
Be on track for graduation (including test scores)
Have demonstrated they are College and Career Ready (Pass an AP exam, Earn a C or higher in a College DE class (Valencia, UCF, or UF) or pass an Industry Certification exam
Students are able to come up and pick the triplicate form from a counselor.

Students will get the form and complete the white page bringing it back to a counselor.

Students then will return the yellow copy to the counselor at the beginning of the school year with an attached paystub dated no earlier than July 15th solidifying that they are still employed

Students will then be able to hold onto the pink copy for their or their teachers’ records.

Senior Early Release

Select Rising 12th grade students who meet the following criteria are allowed to apply to leave after 6th period next year. Forms are available with a school counselor.
Students must:

- Be on track for graduation (2.0 GPA, no failed core classes, and passed testing)
Completed the online course requirement
Demonstrate you are college and career ready
Pass an AP Exam with a 3 or higher
Pass a Dual Enrollment course with a C
Pass an Industry Certification Exam in a CTE course

Adobe Certifications needed to be bundled to qualify

Schedules will not be posted in Skyward until right before Return of the Pride events at the end of July.

It is at Return of the Pride when students will be able to work with a counselor as to any scheduling errors such as accidently being placed in a previously passed course or missing a period in their schedules. 

Also, schedule change requests for specific teachers, lunch periods, or period switches  will not be entertained. 


Bright Futures: The district will send transcripts to Bright Futures at the beginning of June to the state for the final evaluation. The last test date as of now will be the June ACT to qualify for Bright Futures Awards and all community service will need to be turned in as soon as possible to delay processing of possible awards. If you are unsure of your Bright Futures status please email your counselor.
Diplomas and Transcripts: Final transcripts and diplomas will be ready for pick up toward the middle of June.  More details will be made available when they are solidified. Students will receive one official (sealed) transcript and one unofficial transcript. Diplomas will be held until the end of summer. Electronic transcripts that were requested during senior clearance will be sent around the same time.