Lake Nona has a full time nurse on campus. When a student gets sick at school, a pass must be obtained from a teacher. From the clinic, parents will be notified about the child’s health. It is very important that every student has a completed Emergency Student Contact form on file with the school. Any changes to parent contact information (phone or address) must be reported to the Registrar as soon as possible. Students needing occasional medications, such as antibiotics, are to take these medications at home if possible. However, if medications MUST be given at school, it must be accompanied by written authorization from a parent or guardian. The medication must be in the original container and clearly labeled with the child’s name. Medications should be delivered to the Clinic before school starts. Students are not to carry any medication, over-the-counter or prescribed, at any time during the school day. Students with an inhaler or EPI-Pen must carry with them written notification from the Lake Nona nurse.