Dress Code

In addition to the Orange County Public Schools dress code (available on the OCPS web site:, Lake Nona High School has a student dress code policy based on student input. The policy allows students the right to express themselves through their dress, but also ensures that what they wear to school does not disrupt the academic environment that is critical to student success. Students have the responsibility to learn and observe the basic standards of appropriate dress, personal cleanliness, modesty, and good grooming. 

(Mid-thigh Rule: hemlines that extend beyond student fingertips when arms are relaxed at sides)

A. Students May:

  • Wear yoga pants, leggings, or jeggings with a shirt, top, or dress that covers to mid-thigh.

  • Wear shorts, skirts, or dress hemlines that cover to mid-thigh. 

  • Wear clothing with holes or tears provided that leggings or appropriate undergarment is worn underneath torn clothing. 

B. Students May Not:

  • Wear yoga pants, leggings or jeggings alone as pants and should only be worn if shirt, top or dress covers to mid-thigh.

  • Wear shorts, skirts, or dress hemlines less than mid-thigh.

  • Wear clothing with holes or tears unless leggings or appropriate undergarment is worn underneath torn clothing (no skin should be exposed from the torn clothing).

  • Wear short shorts or cut offs (no spandex, exercise wear, and biker shorts).

  • Wear suggestive, skintight, or see-through clothing. This includes clothing that exposes underwear or the midriff.

  • Wear any strapless clothing – halters, tube tops, etc. (wearing sweaters, jackets or other outerwear over the clothing is not acceptable).

  • Wear clothing with offensive language or graphics.

  • Wear clothing (or jewelry) promoting alcohol, smoking, drugs or drug usage, weapons, or gang identification.

  • Wear pajamas or bedroom slippers.

  • Wear hats, sunglasses, bandanas, headgear, or head covering of any kind. 

C. Students Must:

  • Wear clothing and hair styles that are not harmful, disruptive or hazardous to health or safety.

  • Wear shoes at all times.

  • Wear pants and skirts worn at the waist, belts buckled, no underwear/sleepwear as outerwear, no underwear or parts of undergarments should be exposed (boxers, gym shorts, undergarment straps).

  • Wear shirts with a capped sleeve. Shirts and tops must cover the entire back, chest, shoulders and upper arm. No sleeveless shirts or open sleeve shirts and shirts must be worn by all students at all times. (Four Finger Wide Rule: does not apply at LNHS).

Dress Code Discipline Progression

1st-3rd Offense- Verbal Warning, Parental Contact & Lunch Detention (HERO)
4th Offense- Administrative Referral (Wednesday detention/parent contact)
5th Offense- Saturday School / Parent Meeting
6th Offense- PASS /Parent contact