Dress Code

Any student who violates the dress code policy will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in Sections IV and V of the Code, Section 1006.07(2)(d), Florida Statutes, and below:

Dress code: 

1st offense: Parent contact, verbal warning

2nd offense: Parent contact, second warning

3rd offense:  Level 2 referral, one day of PASS

4th offense: Level 2 referral, two days of PASS

5th offense: Level 3 referral, three days of OSS

6th offense: Level 3 referral, Behavior Contract, parent meeting, five days of OSS

7th offense: Level 3 referral, parent meeting, ten days of OSS

8th offense: Level 4 referral, ten-day suspension with recommendation for Expulsion


See-through, revealing, or mesh garments must not be worn without appropriate coverage underneath that meet the minimum requirements of this dress code. Clothing must cover the body from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to approximately mid-thigh (this means no midriff can be shown sitting or standing)

Tops must have straps. Undergarments must not be viewable. Rips, holes, or tears in clothing must be mid-thigh or below. (Non-transparent garments must be underneath if rips are higher than mid-thigh) No off-the-shoulder blouses

Headgear shall not be worn on campus during the school day, unless the headgear is approved by the Principal.

Headgear includes, but is not limited to, hats, visors, du-rags, bandanas, bonnets, hoodies, shower caps, sunglasses, etc.

Gang paraphernalia, garments and/or jewelry, tattoos, or other insignias, which display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, alcohol, or tobacco-related wording/ graphics or may tend to provoke violence or disruption in school shall not be worn.