Digital Media

Digital Media


Digital Media is any form of media that uses electronic devices for distribution. This form of media can be created, viewed, modified and distributed via electronic devices.

Course Progression

Year 1: 

  • 3D Animation (Adobe Certified Professional-After Effects)
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Design 1 (Adobe Certified Professional-Photoshop)
  • Digital Video Technology  1
  • Creative Photography 1  (Adobe Certified Professional-Photoshop)
  • Journalism 1  (Adobe Certified Professional-InDesign)

Year 2: 

  • 3D Animation Modeler  (Adobe Certified Professional-Premiere Pro)
  • Digital Media/Multimedia Design 2 (Adobe Certified Professional-Illustrator)
  • Digital Video Technology 2 (Adobe Certified Professional-Premiere Pro)
  • Creative Photography 1  (Adobe Certified Professional-Photoshop)
  • Journalism 2  (Adobe Certified Professional-Photoshop)
  • Creative Photography 2 (Adobe Certified Professional-InDesign)

Year 3: 

  • 3D Animation Texture Artist (Adobe Certified Professional-Premiere Pro)
  • Digital Design 3 (Adobe Certified Professional-Illustrator & Animate)
  • Digital Video Technology 3 (Adobe Certified Professional-After Effects)

Year 4: 

  • Digital Video Technology 4 (Adobe Certified Professional-Premiere Pro)

More on the Digital Media

Students in various Digital Media programs may qualify for Florida Bright Future’s Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship. Some of the Digital Media programs have an articulation agreement with the Valencia College Career Pathways Program that allows students to earn Valencia college credit by meeting specific requirements set forth for each course. Ask your school counselor for information related to specific courses.