Community Service Hours


Community Service Hours

If you are interested in earning Community Service Hours, please make sure you are going to our school website and the Student Services section of Canvas for the current procedures, forms, and possible service sites. Each week proposals are submitted to Canvas before you begin earning hours. Please make sure that you are reviewing what constitutes community service and you are working with a non-profit organization. When you are ready to turn in community service hours, proposal forms, screenshot from counselor’s approval, hours log and reflection all need to be printed and submitted to the front desk of Student Services. If you have any questions please let your counselor know.

Download Community Service Forms Combined 20-21.pdf

Please use this form to begin earning community service hours for each new service site you are planning to go to. A counselor will review the form and give you a Complete if approved. If it is denied, we will leave comments and give you a grade of Incomplete.

Hours will be preapproved every Wednesday. You can't start the service without a pre-approval. If you are planning to volunteer for something over the weekend, please make sure the Pre-approval is submitted by 7:15 AM on Wednesday so we can approve it on the Wednesday prior to the weekend.

Download Virtual Community Service Hour Options.pdf

Completed packets (screenshot of approval from counselor, hours log and reflection) need to submitted to our Student Services Office face to face.