Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Junior Reserve Law Enforcement Program is designed to provide high school students valued opportunities to make a difference in their own community, will add value to high school student's education, and help them understand that in law enforcement, we serve and protect public safety. 

Course Progression:

  1. Criminal Justice Operations I - Grade 9
  2. Criminal Justice Operations II - Grade 10
  3. Criminal Justice III (Parts 1 & 2) - Grade 11-12 (Dual Enrollment)

Valencia Career Pathways

High school students can earn credits in articulated A.S. program by meeting the following criteria:

  • Complete required secondary program Criminal Justice Ops (8918000) courses with grade "C" or better
  • Enroll in Criminal Justice AS degree at Valencia College after high school graduation. Meeting all required criteria awards 3 college credits each in CCJ1010 Criminology; CCJ1020 Intro to CJ; CJE 2000 Policing Systems; and CJL2100 Criminal Law