College Visits and SCOIR

College information, college comparison, cost, financial aid, student life, and study options are available on SCOIR for nearly 2000 schools. Visit information and registration is also available through SCOIR. Click here for registration directions.
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Registration closes when spots are full or one day before the visit. Class of 2023 will be given priority for spots, but the Class of 2024 can register as well. The confirmation email will serve as your pass to the visit and absences will be marked as excused. 

School Date
Stetson  Sept 23
 Rice University Sept 27
Ohio State University  Sept 28
University of Oklahoma Oct 6
 Eckerd College Oct 10
Valencia College Oct 11
 Duke University Oct 11
Butler University Oct 13
Johns Hopkins Oct 14
 Valparaiso University Oct 17
University of Alabama Oct 18
 University of Central Florida  Oct 18
 NYU Oct 19
 Florida Southern Oct 20
Hofstra Oct 24
 Florida International Oct 24
 Syracuse Oct 27