Prom 2024

Prom 2024

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Students MUST be in the required dress code before arriving to Prom.
Prom is a formal event. 
Students must arrive at the event prepared to conduct themselves as an appropriate representative of Lake Nona High School. Students who arrive at the event unprepared to follow the OCPS Code of Conduct or LNHS rules/procedures, will not be allowed to attend Prom and will be required to leave. Any student not adhering to OCPS Code of Conduct or LNHS rules/procedures, while at Prom will be removed from the event and required to have a parent/guardian pick them up.

  • All students must have a C or higher in all current classes at the time of ticket request
  • All students must have a 2.0 unweighted GPA  at the time of ticket request.
  • All students must have 10 or fewer unexcused absences during the second semester from January to the week prior to the event (or ticket will be refunded).
  • Students who have missing credits in a class required for graduation will not be permitted to attend Prom (in progress courses are allowed). 
  • Any student who earned or earns a Level 3 or 4 referral during the 2023-2024 academic year is ineligible to attend Prom (tickets will be refunded if a level 3 or 4 infraction happens before May 11.)  Any student who is suspended during the week of Prom will not be permitted to participate in the event. There will be no refund. 

More information to follow about nominations and voting for Prom Court.
Before ticket distribution (physical ticket pick up), all currently known student obligations must be paid for through the media center. See Mrs. Krugh in the media center before school, during lunch, or after school for obligation clearance.

Important Dates: 

  • Guest forms and guest information can be picked up at lunch in the courtyard (near the south gate) with Ms Miller. They will also be available at room 617 during periods 2, 3, and 4. Guest forms will be approved within 4 school days, and the student and guest will receive an email with purchase instructions once approved.
  • Senior Pre-sale is February 19-20, 2024. The link to purchase tickets for seniors ONLY will be posted on this page to open at noon on February 19 and close at 11:50pm on February 20.
  • General on sale is February 22, 2024. The link to purchase tickets for seniors, juniors, AND guests will open at 3pm on February 22. 

Purchasing Tickets: 

  • Please make sure you meet all the requirements - grades, GPA, attendance, and no level 3 or 4 referrals before visiting the ticket website. If you do not continue to meet the requirements until the date of prom, your ticket will be refunded. If you purchase a ticket and do not meet the requirements, your purchase will be refunded and you will NOT have the opportunity to purchase another ticket. 
  • Your student ID number will be used to validate your purchase. Only approved seniors can buy senior tickets, only approved juniors can buy junior tickets. If you are unable to purchase and believe there was an error with approval, email [email protected]
  • Guest tickets will also require that the student ID from the approval form be entered before purchase. When guest forms are approved, the guest and LNHS student will be emailed. It can take up to 4 school days for guest clearance. 
  • You will receive a digital ticket, be sure to save it.
  • Once you have read all of the above information, understand, and agree, please click this link  to make your purchase. 


Updated 2/16/2024 - all information subject to updates and change