School Profile

Lake Nona High School
12500 Narcoossee Road
Orlando, Florida 32832
Phone: (407)956-8300 Fax: (407)956-8315 CEEB Code: 102199
Principal Ms. Martha Chang
Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)


In response to the State of Florida’s “Stay at Home Order,” all students enrolled in Orange County Public Schools switched from face-to-face instruction to distance learning in the final quarter of spring 2020. During this time students received instruction remotely and continued to learn state standards. Included in the digital learning instruction were classroom assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects. Students were expected to complete assignments with fidelity and student performance was graded. Students received a final grade for all enrolled courses. The grading scale during distance learning was not altered from the rest of the school year. For the 2020-2021 school year, students have been given the choice to continue distance learning or having face-to-face instruction with no change to the grading scale.

The Community

The Orange County Public School System is located in the Greater Orlando area. It is the eighth-largest school district in the nation and is the fourth largest in Florida with over two hundred twelve thousand students. Orange County Public Schools consists of twenty high schools, thirty-eight middle schools, one hundred twenty-eight elementary schools, eight K-8 schools, and eight exceptional education schools. Twenty of our public high schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Students in Orange County Public Schools come from 199 countries/regions and speak 164 different languages and dialects. The student body is culturally and socioeconomically diverse with a population that is 43% Hispanic, 25% White, 24% Black, 5% Asian, 3% Multicultural and 69% on free or reduced lunch. In 2018-2019 Orange County Public Schools had a 95.9% Graduation Rate.

The School

Lake Nona High School is located within close proximity to facilities that are on the cutting edge of medical research and development, as well as patient care.  Lake Nona High School has developed programs in partnership with Valencia College as part of the Collegiate Academy; with Sanford-Burnham Research Institute as part of the Science Research Cohort program and with Florida Hospital as part of the Health Academy program.  Through community partnerships, Lake Nona High School is working to provide the best possible educational opportunities for every member of the student body. The student body is culturally and socioeconomically diverse with a population that is 60% Hispanic, 26% White, 7% Black, 5% Asian, 1% Multicultural and 1% Native American and 41% on free or reduced lunch. 

In addition to academic opportunities, students have access to all the traditional high school athletics, a comprehensive performing arts program, and more than 50 additional clubs for every student interest.  In 2019-2020 Lake Nona High School had a 99.8% Graduation Rate. 


The academic program is based on a traditional seven periods a day schedule.
The following Advanced Placement courses are offered:

Art History, Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Capstone Research, Capstone Seminar, Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French Language and Culture, Human Geography, Macroeconomics, Music Theory, Physics 1, Physics C: Mechanics, Psychology, Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture, Statistics, Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio, Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio, United States Government and Politics, United States History, World History

*32 students received AP Scholar with Distinction Awards.  These students received an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more AP Exams.

The following Honors classes are offered:

Agriscience Foundations, Algebra I, Algebra II, American Sign Language 3, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4, Geometry, French 3, Physics, Pre-Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Spanish 3, US Government, US History, World History (All Elective classes level 3 or higher are designated as Honors classes)


Our school has a Dual Enrollment articulation agreement with the following institutions:  Florida International University, Valencia College, University of Central Florida, University of Florida and Orange Technical College.  Students that meet the minimum requirements have the opportunity to earn college credits by taking courses at these institutions.

Magnet Programs and Academies

AP Capstone

Lake Nona High School offers AP Capstone which is an innovative diploma program that provides students with an opportunity to engage in rigorous scholarly practice of the core academic skills necessary for successful college completion.  AP Capstone is built on the foundation of two courses, AP Seminar and AP Research and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study provided through AP courses.  It cultivates curious, independent and collaborative scholars and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.  

Collegiate Academy

The Collegiate Academy at Lake Nona High School was developed in partnership with Valencia College.  This is an accelerated academic program providing Lake Nona High School students with a variety of opportunities that range from experiencing one or two college-level courses towards completing a full Associate of Arts degree.  The level of participation in the Collegiate Academy is determined by student goals and academic needs.  The program encourages a combination of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses which allows students to build a highly competitive academic program that challenges them beyond the opportunities currently available through traditional high school programs.  This unique partnership with Valencia College provides Lake Nona High School students with unprecedented opportunities.

Digital Media Academy

The Digital Media Academy is designed for students interested in Information Technology, Graphic Design, Website Design, TV Production and Animation. Students also learn Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Animate, Illustrator and InDesign. There are three programs of study within the academy: Digital Design, Digital Video Technology and Animation.

Health Sciences Academy

The Health Academy in partnership with Florida Hospital is designed to prepare motivated students in health care related careers.  Students will be taking Health Academy electives during their freshman and sophomore years that serve as an introduction into many health care fields.  Students can participate in an Orange Technical College program during their junior and senior years in an area of their chosen specialty.  Participation in this 4 year program can lead to certification in one or more of the following areas:  Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, EKG Technician and Certified Pharmacy Technician

Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way helps to prepare students for the global workforce and encourages student participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses and builds interest in STEM degrees and careers.  Students study Engineering through three Project Lead The Way courses:  Introduction to Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture and Aerospace Engineering. Students can earn industry certifications:  Autodesk Certified User-Inventor and Autodesk Certified User-Revit

Grading and Ranking



Unweighted Courses

Weighted Courses (honors)

Weighted Courses AP/IB/AICE/ Dual Enrollment


89.5 - 100





79.5 - 89.4





69.5 - 79.4





59.5 - 69.4





0 - 59.4





Class rank is cumulative and based on a weighted grading scale. It is calculated twice a year (October and February) during junior and senior year.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

GPA is computed using the above quality points. All high school level courses, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation. A minimum of 24 credits are required for graduation. Grades are recorded on the transcript and GPA is computed in September and February for all grade levels.  The highest reported weighted GPA from our high school in 2019-2020 school year was 5.36.

Standardized Testing

95% of the Class of 2020 took the SAT
SAT Test Results


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing


LNHS SAT mean score



Florida mean score



National mean score




38% of the Class of 2020 took the ACT

ACT test results







LNHS ACT mean score






Florida mean score






National mean score







Advanced Placement Results

  • In May of 2020, 1,822 students took AP Exams
  • A total of 2,630 exams were taken in 31 subjects
  • 59% of the AP Exams received scores of 3 of higher

Post High School Placement

  • 39% matriculated to 4 year colleges
  • 51% matriculated to 2 year institutions
  • 5% military service
  • 5% Work or technical instruction

Awards and Distinctions, 2019-20

Collegiate Academy, National Honor Society, Digital Media Academy, OCPS MLK Humanitarian Award, Health Careers Academy, Project Lead the Way Engineering, NAF, two Merit Scholars Semifinalists, one Finalist, nine  students were accepted to a total of 10 institutions that are ranked in top 20 colleges and universities in the U.S.

Collegiate Destinations for Classes 2013-2020

Air Force Academy
Alabama State University
American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Auburn University
Berklee College of Music 
Bethune-Cookman College
Boston University
Brigham Young University
Brown University
Bryn Mawr College 
Clemson University
Coastal Carolina University
Colgate University
College of DuPage
Cornell University
Cornerstone University
Dartmouth College 
Davidson College
Duke University
Elon University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Emory University
Flagler College
Florida A & M University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast 
Florida International University
Florida State College
Florida State University
Full Sail University 
Georgetown University
Georgia State University
Gettysburg College
Hanover College
Hartnell College
Harvard University
Indiana University
Institute of Art and Design
Jacksonville University
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson & Wales University 
Keiser University
Laguna College of Art and Design
Lee University
Lees McRae College
Life University
LIM College 
Loyola University 
Lyon College
Manhattan College
Marion Military Academy
Miami Dade College 
Montreat College
Morgan State University
Mount Holyoke College
New York University 
Nyack College
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Palm Beach State College
Preston University 
 Rollins College
Saint Andrews University
Samford University
Santa Fe College
Seminole State College
South Florida Sate College
Southeastern University
Stanford University
Stetson University 
Texas A & M University
Troy University
Tulane University
United States Merchant Marine Academy 
United States Military Academy West Point 
United States Naval Academy
University Milwaukee 
University of Alabama
University of California, Berkeley 
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of Iceland 
University of Melbourne Australia
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of North Florida
University of North Georgia 
University of Notre Dame
University of Pittsburgh
University of Puerto Rico
University of South Alabama
University of South Florida
University of Tennessee
University of Texas
University of West Florida
Valdosta State University
Valencia College
Vanderbilt University
Wake Forest University
Warner University
Washington University in St. Louis
Webster University
Wesleyan University 
Western Michigan University
Yale University