School Advisory Council

Community members, business leaders, parents and teachers work together to develop a School Improvement Plan. The School Advisory Council (SAC) will meet monthly to assess our students' academic needs and evaluate the progress of Lake Nona High School. As part of our commitment to excellence, this is done to ensure that every student will continue to receive a quality education. We encourage and welcome your input. 

2022-2023 SAC Bylaws

Chairperson: Melissa Henry
Vice-Chair: Michelle Adamick
Secretary: Kimberly Tinetti

Principal: Nikki Campbell

2022-2023 SAC Meetings

September 13, 2022: meeting minutes - September

October 12, 2022: meeting minutes - October

November 16, 2022: meeting minutes - November

December 14, 2022: meeting minutes - December

January 18, 2023: meeting minutes - January

February 8, 2023: meeting minutes - February 

March 8, 2023: meeting minutes - March and agenda - March

April 12, 2023: meeting minutes - April, agenda - April, and 2022-2023 bylaws 

May 10, 2023

All SAC Meetings will be held in the LNHS Media Center.