These are all of the ensembles offered by our band directors!

Sound of The Lions: After School

Percussion Ensemble: 1st Period

Concert Band (no audition needed): 5th Period

Symphonic Band (no audition needed): 4th Period

Wind Ensemble (audition based): 3rd Period

Jazz Band A (audition based): 2nd Period

Jazz Band B (no audition needed): 6th Period

Color Guard: 7th Period

The audition material for our Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band A can be found here! Please fill out the "LNHS Audition Registration Form" if you are intending to audition for either ensemble. Both the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band audition will occur at the same time and place and we will let you know when that is through the email you use to fill out the form with.

To be a member of either Jazz Band A or Jazz Band B, you must be an active student in one of the other classes listed above or in another performing arts class at LNHS. Jazz cannot be your only performing arts class.