Curriculum Guide & Course Selection

Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide will assist you as you select your core academic and elective courses for next year. You will find we have developed a challenging, comprehensive curriculum with many choices for our students.

Students will find many choices that will lead to paths of opportunity beyond high school. Whether your plan is to go to college or enter the workforce upon completion of high school, you will find College & Career Readiness pathways within this guide that will support you in meeting your goals.

It is important that parents take an active part in the course selection process by understanding the academic graduation requirements. To make informed decisions, parents and students should read through this guide together.

Our Student Services department will assist you and answer any questions you may have. Challenge yourself with your course load, take classes that are aligned with your long-term goals, and stay focused on academics! 

Course Selection

This year, we will host a virtual Curriculum Fair via Canvas. The LNHS Curriculum Fair & Course Selection 2022-23 Canvas course will include content for every course we offer, including suggested course progressions for each core area, and provide an overview of what to expect when choosing specific elective courses. To access the course please have your student sign into their Canvas account.

If you are a new student to Lake Nona HS from outside of Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), you will complete the course selection form upon registration this summer. Please refer to the Curriculum Guide PDF for the programs and courses we offer.