Student IDs

All student must have a student ID badge. Student ID badges must be displayed at all times. Student ID badges are used to purchase lunch, check out library books, and enter extra-curricular activities at school. As a bonus, the Lynx bus system allows students with an ID badge to ride at a reduced rate. 

Student ID badges are available in our Media Center and are provided free to every student when they enter Lake Nona High School. A lost or damaged ID badge will be replaced in the Media Center before school, during lunch, and after school. The cost of a replacement ID is $5.00.  

1st offense: Verbal warning

2nd offense: Parent contact, verbal warning

3rd offense:  Parent contact, lunch detention

4th offense: Parent contact, Wednesday after school detention

5th offense: Parent meeting/behavior contract, referral and one day of PASS

6th offense: Referral and two days of PASS