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On this page, you can find out the latest news and announcements from our Student Services department. OCPS has compiled a single document that has a list of scholarship opportunities for students; Download scholarship document.

Posted 10/29/2019
Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment courses should join the Dual Enrollment Remind group using this code: @dafbhb

Posted 09/02/2019
Grants, scholarships, and loans are available to pay for college or a technical school. You can learn more by attending FAFSA help sessions. We will post dates when they are available. 

What to Bring to FAFSA help session:

● 2018 Income Information (Taxed Income and Untaxed Income)
● 2018 Income Tax Refund Form and W2’s
● Social Security Card (Student and Parents)
● Driver’s License (Student and Parents)
● Alien Registration Card (Eligible Non-Citizens)
● FSA ID username and password (used to electronically sign FAFSA) 
Student and Parent(s) must create their own

Posted 08/13/2019
New policy for signing up for college visits

All college visits to LNHS will be listed in Naviance. Naviance is accessible to students on their laptops through LaunchPad.  

Please locate the list of colleges visiting Lake Nona HS in the "Colleges" tab.   Look in the "My Colleges" section for the list of upcoming college visits to LNHS.  Once you find a visit you would like to attend, select "sign up" for the visits you would like to attend.  You must sign up as soon as possible for the visits you are interested in attending and no later than the day before the visit.  Most visits are limited to the first 40 students. 

Lists of students attending the visit will be pulled the day prior to the visit and will be emailed to teachers.  Your name must be on the list in order to attend.

Students must check in with their teachers prior to coming for the visit and are responsible for making up any missed work.  Teachers must approve students missing class to attend the visit.  

College visits are only open to juniors and seniors.

Posted 08/13/2019
Khan Academy

KhanAcademy LogoStudents, not only does Khan Academy help you prepare for the SAT and improve your chances of getting a better score, but the more time you spend practicing on Khan Academy the more you will increase your chances of earning a $1000 scholarship.  

Fifteen OCPS students with the highest number of minutes spent on Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy receive $1,000 in scholarship money. The SAT All in Challenge begins in September ends in May. Let's go Lake Nona. Get on Khan Academy practice for the SAT, improve your scores and earn some money!