Community Service Hours

Distance Learning Community Service Hours Update

Our Community Service approval process has been modified to accommodate our students during this time of distance learning. Please email your counselor with the name of the club or organization with which you will be working, as well as few sentences describing the service and how it will benefit your community. If it meets the criteria, your counselor will respond with an approval. Please keep your own running record of dates and times you volunteer, and have someone sign off on your hours when they are competed. You will need to take a picture of those with your phone, or scan them and email it to your counselor. The verified hours, along with the required reflection essay, will be necessary in order for the hours to be approved and added to your record.

Community service hours are not required for high school graduation. However, Lake Nona High School strongly encourages students to serve their community and service hours are required for Florida Bright Futures, many clubs and honors societies, various scholarships and colleges. 

Community Service Hours

In order for students to satisfy the community service requirements for Bright Futures eligibility, they must:

  • Develop a written community service plan (click download button below) that addresses a social problem or concern and his or her personal involvement in addressing the issue. 

    Button to download community service plan packet
  • Submit community service documentation to a school counselor upon completion of the approved activity that includes an essay in which the student evaluates and reflects upon his or her experience.
  • Community service projects will not be accepted if they were completed:
    • For a family member
    • Prior to the summer before entering Grade 9 

Guidelines for Students

  1. Obtain the required forms from the school website or your guidance counselor.
  2. Develop a written community service plan which addresses a social problem or concern.
  3. Submit the plan to your counselor for approval before you begin your community service.
  4. All community service will begin the summer prior to entering high school.
  5. Submit community service documentation to your counselor upon completion of the approved activity. 

Hours Required for Bright Futures Eligibility

Florida Academic Scholars: 100 Hours

Florida Medallion Scholars: 75 Hours

Florida Gold Seal Vocational: 30 Hours