Community Service Hours


Community Service Hours

Community service hours are not required for high school graduation. However, Lake Nona High School strongly encourages students to serve their community and service hours are required for Florida Bright Futures, many clubs and honors societies, various scholarships and colleges. 

In order for students to satisfy the community service requirements for Bright Futures eligibility, they must:

  • Go to the LNHS Student’s Lion Den Canvas page and click on the Student Services Module. 
  • Click on the Pre-Approval link for the current week under Community Service.
  • Download the new Community Service Form.
  • Fill out the form accordingly, reading the fine print and following all bolded instructions. You may type directly on the form, or print it out and write in pen.
  • Upload the filled out form.
  • A counselor will review the form and give you a point if approved. If it is denied, we will leave comments and give you a grade of 0. Please write the non-profit organization you are working with in your statement of how your work will benefit the community.
  • Hours will be preapproved every Wednesday. If you are planning to volunteer for something over the weekend, please make sure the Pre-approval is submitted by 7:15 AM on Wednesday so we can approve it on the Wednesday prior to the weekend.
  • Complete your community service hours using the form.
  • When you have completed your hours, you must upload your filled out form and a screen shot of your approval to the Log & Reflection Submission for the current week.
  •  Community service projects will not be accepted if they were completed:
    • For a family member
    • Prior to the summer before entering Grade 9
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • You can also use this link to search for available opportunities in your area

    Hours Required for Bright Futures Eligibility

Florida Academic Scholars: 100 Hours

Florida Medallion Scholars: 75 Hours

Florida Gold Seal Vocational: 30 Hours

****Please remember all approved hours (log and reflection included) need to be turned in by the end of the school year. You are able to open a new plan to begin over the summer, but any earned hours need to be turned in by the end of the school year.****