COVID-19 Update

Student Services COVID-19 Update

The Student Services team will be working limited days throughout the summer.


Alexandra Stratis (Mamangakis)


Alexander Botchen


Staci Balaban


Ekiba Smith


Lynn Tran


Tammy Whitfield


Alana Pacheco


Leon Martin


Course Schedule for the 2020-21 School Year:

If you have questions regarding your course schedule for next year, please know that this information will not be available until Return of the Pride in July. More details and information will be available throughout the summer, including the process for requesting alternative classes.

Dual Enrollment Students:

If you are a DE student, please forward a copy of your detail schedule to your counselor with the periods that you will need early release/late arrival and we will adjust your schedule, as needed. Please complete the Dual Enrollment Contract and the Early Release/Late Arrival Form and submit to your counselor.

Community Service Hours:

If you will be completing community service over the summer, please know that if you did not receive pre-approval prior to the last day of school, these hours will be done at your own discretion and they will only be approved if they meet our guidelines. We will be using a new form beginning the 2020-21 school year, so please make sure you get your summer hours submitted and approved with your counselor at the beginning of the school year.


If you need to register or withdraw your student, please contact our registrar at [email protected] and/or visit our website for enrollment information. Please note that a copy of the course request sheet by grade level is also available to include with your registration packet, however, courses will be determined based on student data, graduation requirements and course availability.

General Questions & Request for Information:

If you have any general questions or concerns, please complete this Information Request Form with the best contact information and one of the counselors will reach out to you as soon as possible during their scheduled work days.

We look forward to “seeing” you again in the 2020-21 school year!